Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mistakes

  • Learn the one biggest mistake business owners make
  • Learn the one item you can add that will increase your business 20% or more
  • Learn why small business advertising fails to attract customers
  • Discover one key strategy to get your advertising to draw customers like flies to a picnic

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Who Else Wants To Get Customers Coming Through
Your Doors, Predictably And In Greater
Numbers Than EVER Before, Creating A
"Competition Free Zone" for Your Business???

Advertising FogDid you realize that your prospects and customers are walking around in a FOG of advertising and marketing messages every day and you just aren't on their mind right now?

Your customers are bombarded with over 3,000 advertising messages a day.

Your customers are covered in a FOG of advertising and you have to find a way to shine a 1 Million Candle Power fog light into their world or you won't get their attention.

Normal marketing you are used to using has stopped working.

You need Non-traditional Marketing and Contrarian Advertising techniques that 95% of all business owners have never been taught.

As a business owner, sales professional or entrepreneur - do you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions?

  • Is the economy slowing your business and you need new low-cost methods to get more customers FAST?
  • Have you worked hard, slowly grown your business but it just seems to be on a plateau and you can't seem to budge it off?
  • Are you so involved with the daily operation of your business that you just can't find the time to dedicate to growing your business through Marketing or Advertising?
  • Do you have ideas for growing your business but just don't ever seem to get them implemented or even know how to start?
  • Are you having trouble getting to the decision makers? Are gatekeepers always in the way? Do you wish the decision maker would call you?
  • Do you sometimes feel like an advertising victim because you never know if your advertising is really working? Do you wish you had a better idea of what to direct the media salesperson to do for you?
  • Have you ever questioned what kind of a dollar return you are getting from your different marketing and advertising efforts?

A Planned Marketing System Will Deliver More Customers

A complete "small business designed marketing system" will you solve these problems.

The biggest problem most business owners have is . . . they are really good at doing whatever product or service their business provides, BUT . . . .
they have very little training at Marketing or Advertising their business.

When you have trouble keeping a steady, predictable flow of new customers coming into the business you get a roller coaster effect on income and profit.

You're not alone.

3D-Women-Darn-03This is a struggle for 97% of all business owners. The truth is most of us, as business owners, never receive formal training on inducing our prospect universe to contribute a magnetic flow of new customers.

Or, how to extract significantly more income from our existing customers.

One of my small business marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy says: "We're not in the Thing Business, but in the Marketing of the Thing business."

That may sound simple but it is profound.

Where do we as business owners tend to invest most of our time....providing the THING, right?

But, what makes the money flow? It's getting the customers to buy what we sell.

That's 'Marketing the Thing'. So why aren't you investing more time in the most important function of your business . . . THE MARKETING / ADVERTISING?

Marketing Strategies Rx Helps
Business Owners and
Sales Professionals Use Repeatable
'Down In the Trenches
Where Every Dollar Must Count'
Marketing and Advertising Systems That Are Predictable
and Ensure a Steady Flow of New Customers

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